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This is my fifth year studying Computer Engineering at University of Alicante. I adore developing software and all things related, even though it is ugly that I say it, but I think that I have great aptitudes for it.

In Spain the developers are not as valued as they should be. There are not a lot of interesting enterprises where you can work. Ultimately, I will have finished the degree next year and then I wish to find a motivating job far away from Spain.

In recent years I have realized about all these things that are not taught along the degree and they are extremely useful for the way I have choose. I researched the hiring section of some of these interesting companies where I would love to work. And fortunately and unfortunately, depends on the point of view, remains to learn a lot yet.

Spain is not the best place to learn English. The point is, Spanish people think that their language is the third most spoken in the world, so that why they would want to learn English. This told me a bulgarian friend and I think that he is completly right. They could not be wrong more. Actually, I also have some lacks in English, as you can see, but I am doing my best to improve my level, I would not like that it become a problem when I try to get job in another country where English is the main language.

So I have decided kill two birds with one stone. I am going to write a blog, this blog, in English about these useful concepts and technology that nobody told me at university and of course something else not so technical.

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