About me

I am a software professional who really loves this job.

Since I’m really interested in the startup world, I have also tried to learn a little bit about design, marketing, customers and business, in this manner I have got a clearer view of the overall process.

I feel identified with the values and practices ​​of Software Craftsmanship. Thus terms like SCRUM, XP, TDD, Design Patterns, Clean Code, SOLID and so on aren’t unknown to me. Although, I confess I haven’t completely internalized them. Regarding to programming languages, Javascript is my preferred one.

In my opinion, the following is one of the phrases that best define our job:

“Being a developer isn’t about writing code, it’s about producing working software while simultaneously hitting business goals and maintaining expectations.” – Matt Sencenbaugh

That’s why I can’t conceive a important software project without a good suite of tests. I just began to apply TDD but, I have already felt some of its benefits and I wouldn’t want to get involved in any project without unit tests.