Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just do it

A lot of things have happened since the last time I wrote. While I was finishing my fifth year at Computer Engineering I applied for Google Summer of Code. Unfortunately, I hadn’t the needed time to apply properly and the result was the expected, they didn’t pick me. At least, I managed overcome all classes at college.

Currently, I have a few elective credits and the end-of-studies project pending. I have picked develop a webapp for my final project, my idea is learn and apply all these things that nobody taught me at university, this way it will become part of my portfolio showing what I can get to do, the only important thing nowadays.

Sincerely, I have to admit I feel overwhelmed, there are too many things I would like to learn in this project. My usual learning process is the following:

  1. I sketch an overview on my mind and
  2. then I pass to learn everything top-down doing small examples to consolidate knowledge, I go as low as I can because I need to know what’s going on under the hood,
  3. all this without forgetting best practices and more.

For me, this is the optimal way, but too long if I want to deliver my final project before the deadline, I’m going to change my learning process for a while. Now, while I was writing I just realized that all is about my fear to do things wrong, to make mistakes. I always have to do everything right and master a technology before I type a line of code in a real project.

I thought differently but, certainly, my final project isn’t a real project, is a kind of pet project that, maybe, someday, it will become in a real project in production, although, it will probably never happen. Finally if that day comes, I will be ready because I’m going to use TDD while it is only a pet project, and the rest would be a problem for my-future-self.

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