h4ckademy: Week 1

Fortunately, I was accepted into the h4ckademy program, which means I’m going to enjoy 6 weeks of immersive code retreat in Madrid together with 11 likeminded fellows. The idea is inspired by Hacker School in NY, and likewise is self-directed. The goal is become in a better programmer.

I’m really excited, I’ve moved to Madrid for the program and Madrid is different than my native Alicante. There are a lot of tech meet ups and most of the best Spanish startups are here, so I’ll have the chance to attend to a bunch of them and meet very interesting people.

The first week has been quite intense, I wanted to choose a partner’s project, because they offer a sort of mentorship that I think it could be very valuable. In my opinion, this is the most important decision of the program, as it is 6 week long, I consider there’s not so much room to change my mind afterwards.

After attend to many meetings with the different partners, I finally chose a project, but the next day I found a project 100% open source which solves just the same that was demanded. By now, I still have no project, but I have a roughly idea to the path I’m going to follow I’ll talk about it the next week, when everything becomes true.

I have to confess I’m a little bit disappointed because my main goal was to improve my TDD flow and refactoring skills. They are difficult to improve on my own, so I expected to pair a lot with the other participants in the program in order to exchange knowledge. However, there is only a person, apart of me, with TDD’s professional experience. Thus I’m going to be able to teach some TDD to the others, even though I’m not consider myself proficient at all, my growth in this practice isn’t going to be as big as I expected inside the program. Anyways, I’m sure I’ll manage to maximize it!

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