h4ckademy: Week 2 and 3

As I said in the first week, any of the partner’s projects seduced me but I had an idea.

I’m going to apply to the Google Summer of Code again, it’s my third time and I wasn’t selected the two previous by different reasons. So my idea was to start to get myself involve in the organization even before they are published as accepted, a little bit risky, but, what can go wrong if I choose Mozilla? I started looking for the project idea, choosing it, reading a ton of documentation, picking my first bug to fix and suddenly, someone gave me the bad news: Mozilla hasn’t been accepted as mentoring organization this year. Oh, man! I couldn’t believe it!

As quickly as I could I started to look through all the organizations accepted in order to pick a couple of project ideas. I already got them but I’ll comment the details next week.

However, no matter the election of my project is being a nightmare, I stick to what I came here, improve my test-driving and refactoring skills. So, in the meanwhile, I did some katas with other colleagues, I read some TDD related stuff and I kept doing the refactoring course in which I’m enrolled. I really feel that I’m improving, above all my smells’ scanner, every time I look at some code I start seeing a ton of things that could be improved.

Between the week 2 and 3 I went to the SoCraTes conference in Canary Islands, deserves a post for itself, I hope to have time to write it. It was an awesome experience where I learn a lot and met many interesting and good people. I was about to miss it because of economics reasons, but, fortunately, I took the right decision. We’ll see if l have to eat only rice for a week or two.

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