I’m back

I participated in Jóvenes con futuro (JcF) 2014 edition, a program to intern with tech startups in San Francisco and New York, a dream for me. Over the previous months I was subjected to several technical tests and a couple of Skype interviews in order to check my english level and cultural fit.

Finally, I managed to be between the 10% who reached the last step. They sent my CV to 10 companies and I had 2 interviews with them. Unfortunately, none of these turned to offers of employment. In the first one, they were looking for a mobile developer, I didn’t have any experience on it, and the startup who arranged the second interview finally retired of the program because they realized they actually needed a senior profile, not an intern.

As the phases were passing my hopes were getting bigger and bigger, I didn’t want but I couldn’t help it. The hit was really hard when I received the mail telling me that the program was over and it wasn’t going to have more interviews. I usually get what I intend, not this time.

After that, I’ve passed a period of time when I didn’t know if it was actually my dream or something I made up because I felt too tied up and it was my way to get over the situation. Anyway, I’ve been unfocused for a few months where I tried and researched about a bunch of things non-related with IT but I’m back here.

I’m focused again, stronger than ever with the purpose to be a better programmer than yesterday but worse than tomorrow.

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